FORENSICS, INVESTIGATIONS, RISK & CHANGE SPECIALISTS





1. Forensic Recruitment

2. Forensic Handwriting 


3. Criminality Testing

4. Integrity Testing

5. Statement Analysis




1. Personality Testing

2. Occupational Testing

3. Compatibility Testing

4. Doodle Analysis


Forensic Recruitment:         Used to check whether a new employees' 

                                                 personality and profile would match 

                                                 that of a new employer.

Forensic Handwriting:         Forensic methods used for legal

                                                identification and fraud detection.

Handwriting Analysis:         A scientific method and tool used to 

                                                reveal personality traits, deception and


Criminality Testing:             Specimens are tested for the possibility of 

                                                committing crime. 

Integrity Testing:                 Specimens are tested for integrity and 


Personalized  Testing:       This area is used to scientifically identify 

                                                traits whether good or poor, giving a           

                                                person to better themselves in these

                                                areas, to see whether a couple or

                                                business partners are compatible or to find

                                                out which occupation suits a person the

                                                best and could also assist a person in

                                                making decisions about their own future, 

                                                to find a person's weak points and strong

                                                points and guide a person to grow 

                                                personally through effective targeting

                                                of these outcomes.

Doodle Analysis:                Identification and analysis of doodles could                                                 help an individual understand their                                                               doodling, what thoughts brought doodles                                                   about and their subconscious                                                                         meaning that could put your thought                                                           into perspective.  

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